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Indoor temperature and humidity station with comfort zone
Healthy living with the home climate hygrometer COMFO-X
The home climate hygrometer displays the ideal climate and indoor temperature, which is also dependent on the
season, in an easy to understand way. The coloured sections enable a fast and accurate reading to help maintain a
healthy and appropriate indoor climate.
The COMFO-X provides a major benefit during the heating period simply because you can monitor the ideal climate in
each room which is particularly important for preventing mould growth (see below step 1-3). As necessary you can then
either heat more and/or ventilate more to make the necessary improvements to the home climate.
1. By the thermometer at the bottom of the unit you can read the room temperature and find the colour that
corresponds with this temperature:
Dark blue low heating 16-18°C
Medium blue normal heating 18-22°C
Light blue high heating 22-24°C
2. On the blue display above determine the valid scale, with following differentiation:
Winter for temperatures under +5°C Autumn/Spring for temperatures of 5-15°C
3. On the scale for the outdoor weather you can now, by colour, determine
the ideal indoor moisture for the room temperature.
Example: For a room temperature of 20°C in winter the relative humidity should not exceed 40-50%, if this is the case
you can lower humidity by force ventilating the room for 5 minutes.
Information about the COMFO-X
The measuring accuracy is +/- 3% relative humidity in the range of 25 to 100% relative humidity. The measuring
element of the hygrometer is a specially pre-treated synthetic fibre which, as opposed to human hair, guarantees high
measuring accuracy even without maintenance.
Only units with real hair measuring elements need be moistened once a month and readjusted as necessary because
otherwise their measuring accuracy decreases. For COMFO-X though this is only recommended once a year. An
annual maintenance should be conducted after a longer time frame with low humidity, for example in spring after a cold
To do so, completely wrap the unit in a warm and moist cloth for about 30 minutes. The cloth should be moist but not
dripping wet! No hot water or steam should influence the hygrometer, otherwise the measuring accuracy can no longer
be guaranteed.
An inaccuracy in the moisture display can be corrected as follows:
- Compare the measuring value after unpacking, or 1 day after maintenance, with a reference instrument, i.e. a digital
thermo/hygrometer from Irox (
- If you notice deviations, the display of the COMFO-X hygrometer can be corrected with a zero-point correction. The
correction screw is located in one of the openings on the side of the housing.
- With a screwdriver that fits turn the correction screw until the value on the display corresponds with the reference
Placement of the measuring unit
The hygrometer must be placed in the right location to ensure reliable measurements. Choose a location on an interior
wall, at a medium height of 1-2 meters above the ground. Avoid cooler outer walls, window areas and close proximity to
radiators or direct sunlight.
As an alternative to wall mounting your device can also be set-up on the wooden stand. On the stand it is ideally
accessible for the room air and therefore reacts faster. Place the COMFO-X into the stand, slightly tilt forwards, and
then press slightly to the back. Make sure that it sits tightly in the stand and is secure. © 2010 Irox Development Technology

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