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EnviroMonitor 3G Gateway
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EnviroMonitor 3G Gateway

The EnviroMonitor Gateway collects all data from the Nodes and pushes it securely to the Cloud using cellular connectivity. From there, the data can be accessed on your smart devices and computers.

The Gateway is encapsulated in a weather-resistant housing and is solar-powered with a battery back-up to keep your data flowing.

You can gather data from up to 20 Nodes per Gateway as well as a local weather station. That's up to 80 Davis and third party sensors per Gateway! And because the Nodes can communicate up to 1200 meters in ideal conditions, you can cover a lot of ground with one network.

In New Zealand, the Gateway is configured to work on Spark's 3G network

Sensor Options:

You can connect any of the Vantage Pro2 cabled sensor suites directly to a port on the Gateway.

All sensor suites measure the following parameters:

  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction

Optional sensors are:

  • Total Solar Radiation (used for calculating Potential Evapotranspiration)
  • Ultra Violet Radiation (used for estimating sunburn risk)

Barometric Pressure is also measured in the Gateway

See Lookup Table below for model numbers.



  • Requires an annual service plan and one-time activation fee
  • Spark 3G coverage (an additional Spark data plan is NOT required)


Sensor Suite (ISS) Lookup

Feature 6322C 6820C 6334C 6825C 6327C
Air Temperature X X X X X
Relative Humidity X X X X X
Wind Speed X X X X X
Wind Direction X X X X X
Rainfall X X X X X
Solar Radiation*   X X X X
UV*         X
Day-time Fan*     X    
24Hr Fan       X  

* Items can be retrofitted at a later date

Download the Enviromonitor Manual 
Download the Enviromonitor Specification Sheet

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